Department of implementation and
commercialization of technologies

The mission

Dissemination of knowledge and increasing the prestige of industries and reducing the risks associated with agricultural production

Strategic goal

Improving the efficiency of agrarian labor through innovation.

защита растений
защита растений

Department direction

  • Studying, testing and promoting the introduction of new technologies;
  • Development and adaptation of methods for applying high-tech industry solutions;
  • Development of technology commercialization projects; 
  • Organization and holding of public specialized events, conferences, seminars; 
  • Communication with international centers of competence, research centers;
  • Remote sensing of the earth from the UAV;
  • Development of applied software products, digitalization of production.


  1. Implementation of digital crop production management system
  2. Remote sensing with unmanned aerial vehicles
  3. Equipment consultation
защита растений

Current and completed projects

  • FMIS(Farm Management Information System) Information and analytical platform for digital support of precision agriculture
  • Joint nursery project with WAC (World Agroforestry Center) Project for the exchange of poplar hybrids, and the study of its application to environmental and agricultural problems.(2017-2019)
  • Project for the introduction of a promising diversification crop – corn Pop-corn of American selection in the Almaty region. Joint project with Agropark Ontustik and American Kin Commodities. (2020-2021) 
  • Saban Toi 2019 – organization and holding of the Saban Toi Field Day on the basis of Agropark Ontustik LLP.