Elite poplar seedlings

Create an oasis in 3 years

Elite seedlings of Kazakhstan selection of hybrid poplars Simona-Turangovy ready for planting. The annual supply volume is up to 400,000 seedlings. The productivity of the microclonal reproduction laboratory is up to 100 million pieces per year. 

Advantages: high growth energy: from 1.5 to 3 m per year, hypoallergenic (the technology of growing seedlings excludes the appearance of female plants, which guarantees the absence of poplar fluff). We are developing a set of measures to protect and prevent pests and diseases, using the latest generation of biological products and guarantee the replacement of dead seedlings within 1 year after planting.


Literally in 3 years, due to the high quality of planting material and the rapid growth of hybrid poplars, you will be able to grow a forest belt, a square, a grove or decorate an object with greenery.

Poplars are widely used in the creation of buffer forest belts around orchards and vineyards, for the device of windbreaks. This allows you to create and maintain the necessary microclimate of the farm and plantation, prevents overspending of irrigation water, protects plantings from wind, sun, drying and waterlogging of the soil.

Poplar seedlings are an ideal crop for roadside gardening, due to their ability to absorb dust, harmful exhaust and noise, as well as the ability to absorb polluted water from the soil and return already purified moisture to the atmosphere through evaporation.

Due to its rapid growth, poplar is a promising crop for the production of cellulose, plywood, solid fuel and used as a regenerative energy source for the production of bioethanol.

In addition to plants already ready for planting, we offer the organization of the production of elite seedlings of commercially valuable poplar species and hybrids based on the use of effective microcloning technologies, container cultivation, with an integrated protection system.

The preparation of seedlings takes place in several stages.

  • Isolation of tissues and their sterilization;
  • Regeneration of explants on a nutrient medium for in vitro administration;
  • Transplanting plants from test tubes into the ground;
  • Preparation and processing of poplar stem cuttings with protective and stimulating compounds.
  • In the future, seedlings are provided with comprehensive care, which ensures the highest quality of planting material.

The price is from 600 to 1400 tenge for 1 piece.
(depending on the size)