защита растений

The Best specialist of Kazakhstan - 2022

Winner of the competition "The Best Specialist of the Year of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

According to the results of the competition, the head of the department of integrated plant protection - Kopzhasarov Bakyt Kenzhekozhaevich was awarded the badge "Best Specialist of the Year of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and a diploma of the 1st degree for impeccable work and a significant contribution to the development of education and science, and his biography was published in the encyclopedia of the competition "Best Specialist Year of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

Republican patriotic competition "The best specialist of Kazakhstan - 2022"

In total, the competition included 20 nominations, experts in the field of education and science, medicin ; sports and culture, arts; literature; entrepreneurs and public figures, human rights activists and economists took part in this competition. In total, more than 600 applications were accepted, a third of which went to the second stage of the competition. At the end of the competition, the main part of the award ceremony took place in the capital city of Kazakhstan. All nominees took part in the awarding and presentation of the encyclopedia. During the final conference, the deputy of Parliament of the RK Lyazzat Ramazanova presented special prizes and badges to the best winners.

Purpose of the event

The purpose of this event is to explain to the youth that independence is a sacred concept and the importance of national identity and unity to strengthen independence. Broad propaganda in the society of citizens who have become masters of their business during the years of independence and contributed to the development of the country, setting an example for the youth.

защита растений
защита растений

The team of the Kazakh National Institute of Plant Protection and Quarantine named after Zh. Zhiembayev sincerely congratulates Bakyt Kenzhekozhaevich on this important event and wishes success in all matters and conquest of new professional heights.