roundtable discussion:

“Seed production on the example of NSHS (National Seed Health System, Iowa, USA)”

Earlier in our social networks, we introduced you to the leading researcher of the biotechnology laboratory Shokanova Akmaral and told you more about her internship at the University of Iowa. Akmaral, who arrived with a huge amount of knowledge, gladly agreed to tell about her personal experience and acquired knowledge. In this regard, on February 28, a round table was held according to the annual plan of the Council of Young Scientists “Interaction with leading experts on improving the scientific activities of young scientists of the Institute” on the topic “Seed production by the example of NSHS (National Seed Health System, Iowa, USA)”

National Seed Health System (NSHS)

The National Seed Health System (NSHS) is a program approved by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and managed by the University of Iowa Seed Science Center to accredit both private and public organizations to perform certain actions necessary to support the issuance of federal phytosanitary certificates for international seed transportation.

At the roundtable discussion, Shokanova Akmaral compared the American system of phytosanitary control with the domestic one, in which they surpass our system. Most countries take part in this program, unfortunately Kazakhstan is not on this list. In this regard, the young scientists of the Institute unanimously supported the idea of the need for our country’s participation in such a strong and structured system.

At the end of the event, Akmaral stressed that the foreign internship expands scientific boundaries, has a tremendous impact on the outlook and opens up many new opportunities, and stimulated young scientists of the Institute to be in constant search of knowledge, gain new experience and be aware of all innovations in the world of plant protection.